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The Compliance Platform for your Fincom needs

Compliance requirements change continuously in Banks. New Reports and Formats are added frequently. The FinComply platform integrates compliance reports while taking care of all supporting needs. New Compliance modules can be added with ease. 

Key Features

Accurate and concise information is displayed, enabling quick decision-making.

User Management

Common User Management with flexibles access permission for view/edit/delete.

Data Preprocessor

Proper cleanup of data. Conversion to desired formats.

Backup Scheduler

Programmed data backup that keeps your data safe. Flexible rules for planned backups.

Common logging/Auditing

Extensive Auditing of user actions and handling of data

Import / Export

Data Extraction from sources with supported File formats such as Excel, CSV .

Key Modules

IFRS Supplement




IFRS Supplement

IND-AS Financial Statements have to be made by both banks and corporations. To meet the Sec Reporting requirements, you have to switch to IFRS. These things need to be done with a lot of data that is usually in excel spreadsheets. KCS has a number of products to meet the different needs of compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite often, the core IFRS system cannot handle the ever changing reporting requirements. This system helps address these requirements for timely regulatory reporting.

Related Party Government

Frequently Asked Questions

A new individual or entity can be added as related party.

Lease Rental Solution

Lease Rental is a complete end-to-end retail banking solution serving small to midsize banks (co-operative banks). It automates and manages the complete application processing flow of any retail finance instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  Multiple Modifications are handled. The system can also handle changes in Lease terms (Reduction / Waiver) due to COVID.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Systems facilitates calculation of CRAR on daily basis.

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