We Are KCS

Founded in 1994 as a private firm to provide information technology services, Kalpataru Computer Services Private Limited., or KCS, is headquartered in Mumbai giving it a leg up in terms of access to Financial markets and product demand. Since its founding, the company has focused primarily on serving the banking and financial industries with its software and solutions.

In a span of the last 10 years, KCS has grown from its initial focus on capital markets and depositories to include virtually every service offered by traditional banks and other financial institutions. It is currently attempting to leverage technology to re-imagine its place in the market and introduce a novel framework for its offerings in this sector.

Building Products that can be customised to the unique needs of individual customers is what we excel at. Great Products backed by the highest level of service is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Our Mission

To be recognized as the premier provider of Product Software Solutions and build a legacy as a trusted partner for Financial Domain software and services to meet appreciative clientele demands.

Our Vision

We are committed to maximizing our client's return on investment (ROI) while also having a direct impact on their bottom line through the delivery of quality-driven benefits.

Our Goals

Using Technology to build products that intuitively meet your needs is our goal. We strive to provide support and service at a level that helps you focus on driving your business without interruption.

Not just a vendor but a partner in your digital journey

Tell us your requirements and we will get into the details to come up with solutions that gives you a head-start in your digital journey.

Having Fun Together

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