KCS offers an array of products that have been assisting its banking customers to continuously improve the organization’s processes and productivity. Our products are a top of the line & best of breed solution, providing rich functionality and processing power and ease of use. KCS products have enabled its banking customers to differentiate their services, making them more competitive in the marketplace.

KCS delivers sound and industry proven solutions for Depository Back Office management, Capital Market Funding System, Digital Signing Component, IPO Applications against Blocked Amount, Loan Origination, NRI-Portfolio Investment management.

Custom Products moulded just for you

Our Customers are unique. Every Customer has a different operational environment. Each Customer follows his own operational workflow. Our Products are crafted to completely immerse themselves in your environment.. They interface with adjoining systems pulling or pushing data via custom interfaces and apis to make the Customer and End User journey seamless. 

Our Customer’s data and operations must be secure. We have created a software framework that provides a multi-layer security to the underlying system. Tight Controls, Extensible User Access levels,Maker-Checker functions and extensive logging ensure that the data is secure. 

Our products scale. A clean architecture and sound design principles ensure that we continue to deliver high performance and scale even as your user base grows. This in turn means no reworks and smooth operations.

Industry Proven

Our Financial products are transaction intensive, scalable and are transaction based - need to be consistent. As an example, DEBOS processes over 1 million transactions a day.

Customisable product

The modular structure gives the Customer the choice of selecting only the modules that satisfy the business needs and is adaptable to suit the Customer's operational workflow.

Security First

Multi layer security protects the underlying system. Tight Controls, Extensible User Access levels, Maker-Checker functions and extensive logging ensure that the data is secure.

APIs and Interfaces

APIs and Interfaces make the products extensible and cohesive with the rest of the operational environment.

From Domain to HelpDesk

We extend our services from functional consulting to program management and remote support to provide the highest levels of support for our products.

Banking domain expertise

Our strong banking domain expertise enables us to speak and understand your language, and comprehend your business needs accurately.

Feedback From Clients

    Operations head of Bank

    As an operations person, I lay great stress on quality of the software . Debos was the only system that passed with nil -audits and practically zero down time year over year . That, to me is consistent quality . The KCS team respects deadlines. Regulatory changes are always on time and this team knows what and how to prioritise in the interest of business . KCS is not just a vendor but a partner who we can depend on.

      Leading NBFC


      We chose cmfs because it had practically all the features we needed to operate our loans vertical . But one more reason to choose KCS was also the strong domain understanding that the team has, which means we spend very little time in explaining requirements to them .

        IT Head


        KCS team has a domain expertise and a good stack . Their knowledge of financial domain is excellent . They understand business criticality and are willing to go the extra distance to deliver software quickly and get business going . It is a joy to work with such a team on the other side.