We win when our clients succeed

Pioneering products for the Back Office.

Our Clients are our Strength

Our clients enrich our products by providing feedback and patiently helping us understand their operational workflows and the interaction between different parts of their ecosystem. We’ve incorporated all this knowledge into our product.

Our Products

KCS delivers sound and industry proven solutions for Depository Back Office management, Capital Market Funding System, Digital Signing Component, IPO Applications against Blocked Amount, Loan Origination, NRI-Portfolio Investment management.


Augment every phase of your depository business with Industry First Features and Modules.


Benchmark industry standards with this fully scalable solution which can grow with the needs of a growing business.


Address the concerns of any large-sized organization with updated customer information using CCR.


Easy-to-use, wizard-based utility software for secured data transfer & digital signatures.


Keep a check on your total investment in any company and its subsidiaries with InvestCap.

IFRS Supplement

Supplement products to meet various Compliance needs like IND-AS Financial Statements.


IPO investing made simple for Self Certified Syndicate Banks by ASBA Portals.


Analyze performance and trends with clustering techniques using AnalysticsBox.


A Web-based solution for Central monitoring of all Safe Deposit Lockers.


Capital Markets

Banking Compliance

What makes us Proud

Building products that rise to the top of their field is a source of immense satisfaction for us. Our customers have challenged us with their toughest problems and we have resolved them with solutions that have stood the test of time in scalability, uptime, and operational workflows. We are proud of our product portfolio and of our team that has been delivering without fail.

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Why Choose Us

Agility in delivering software

You can always trust KCS to provide you solutions in the shortest time. Business critical applications are delivered at the highest priority. Enhancements, New Development or Bug Fixes.

Open Architecture

KCS Software Design Principles ensures ease of extensibility. Plenty of connectors and apis are available for interface with key ecosystem software. The design ensures that our products are vertically and horizontally scalable.

Business Domain Knowledge

Our domain experts keep themselves up to date with the latest information from the industry to anticipate your requirements, and our every is backed by a strong team providing you a full support and assistance.

Customer Advocacy

Our Customer Advocacy team is always at hand to provide support to our Customers. This team understands problems that the Customer is facing and engages with internal teams to resolve them.

Optimal Software tools

With the large number of Software Languages and tools available making the right choice of software tools is key. KCS uses optimal language and tools that deliver a good UI-UX experience while providing high performance and easy maintainability.

High Performance

All KCS products are coded and tested to meet high performance requirements. What's more, the performance degradation is minimal even as data balloons in size.

Feedback From Clients

    Operations head of Bank

    As an operations person, I lay great stress on quality of the software . Debos was the only system that passed with nil -audits and practically zero down time year over year . That, to me is consistent quality . The KCS team respects deadlines. Regulatory changes are always on time and this team knows what and how to prioritise in the interest of business . KCS is not just a vendor but a partner who we can depend on.

      Leading NBFC


      We chose cmfs because it had practically all the features we needed to operate our loans vertical . But one more reason to choose KCS was also the strong domain understanding that the team has, which means we spend very little time in explaining requirements to them .

        IT Head


        KCS team has a domain expertise and a good stack . Their knowledge of financial domain is excellent . They understand business criticality and are willing to go the extra distance to deliver software quickly and get business going . It is a joy to work with such a team on the other side.