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Augment your depository business with DEBOS

Debos is the Depository Back Office Software that provides all the functions of a large Bank or NBFC that holds a Depository for it’s customers. Debos is an end to end with branch modules for entering Instruction slips and managing Customers and a Head-Office module that interfaces with all other entities such as the NSDL and CDSL, Brokers and the entire banking ecosystem. Regulatory and Compliance changes are a fact of life in the Indian context and Debos is always kept upto date. Debos operations are completely automated.
Debos has interfaces to practically every other system running in your Bank, making it one of the largest and most important system in your Backoffice.
Using Debos as your Depository Back office is such a smooth troublefree experience that you will practically forget that it exists.
We have introduced many innovations and industry first features in Debos such as:

Key Features

Multi Depository

Simultaneously run NSDL and CDSL under a unified platform. Debos also supports GIFT.

Multi DP ID

Split the DP customer base across more than one Depository ID under a single system.


Get a single, unified trading interface for equity, mutual funds, and margin pledges using Ebrok.

E - Statements

Send E-statements of holdings and transactions to the DP customers via Emails.

Value based Authorisations

Undergo dual Authorisation of transactions based on parameterized values.

Margin Pledge

API Integration with Trading Brokers.

Recent Additions

Multibroker Trading Interface

Provides trading with multiple brokers parallely


Authorize the stock broker and depository participant to access their beneficiary ownership account (BOA) only to meet pay-in obligations


Report Depository data for Foreign Account Tax Compliance


Automate import / export / processing activities in Debos

Digital Journey

API for Account Opening, Net Banking, Direct Debit


Tamper proof instructions data between the Custodian/Broking Entity and the Depository Participant.

Frequently Asked Questions

DEBOS supports DP Operations of GIFT City.  For further details or a demo, please contact the sales team.

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