Capital Market Funding System

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Comprehensive system for managing Loans against Collaterals.

Offering Loans against Collateral is the backbone of every Financial Institution. Each Institution wants to offer a unique and special loan disbursement package that caters differently to its broad customer base. CMFS is a loan against collateral management system that meets all your needs. Flexible business rules can be set at an individual or organizational level, and real-time monitoring helps the loan manager manage his portfolio, maximizing what he can offer to his customers while keeping his organization safe.

CMFS is an application against which industry standards can be benchmarked. It is a fully scalable solution to meet the demands of a growing business.
CMFS will enable your business to :

Key Modules

Loans against Securities

It enables to obtain of loans against shares, mutual fund units, bonds, and debentures by pledging the same in favor of the lender.

Margin Trade Funding

It helps you fund your purchases of shares on the stock exchanges by obtaining loans against the said purchase.

Loans against Insurance Policy

Loan against Insurance Policies allows you to obtain a loan from a lender against the insurance policies held by an individual.

IPO Financing

IPO Financing is a short-term loan offered by the lender which enables an investor to apply for a higher amount in IPO.

ESOP Financing

ESOP Financing enables employees to subscribe to ESOPs offered by their Employer

Key Features

Accurate and concise information is displayed, enabling quick decision-making.

One View

One View provides wealth of information for a Customer – to name a few: Outstanding Position / Collateral, Outstanding Loan, Margin Call, etc.

Drawing Power Simulator

Calculate Probable Drawing Power for New Accounts as well for Portfolio Switch

Margin Call Processing

Automated Margin Call processing

Historical Information

See all Account Activity on a single screen

Extensive Audit Trail

An Extensive Audit Trail is available for the changes carried out by users.

Real - time Changes

Changes are propagated real-time throughout the application

Corporate Action Processing

Automated Corporate Action Processing gives instant benefit to borrower.

Flexible Margin Rule

Flexibility to define margin at Account level or Security level

Frequently Asked Questions

CMFS covers a wide range of asset classes such as Equity, Mutual Fund, Bods and Debentures,  Insurance policies.

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