Centralised Client Repository

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Know all about your customer and more

CCR is a Centralized Repository of Customer data that stores and provides updated customer information to all product lines and verticals within a large organization ecosystem. CCR data can be reaped by the organization to cross-sell a variety of products to existing Customers.

CCR has connectors to many of the software solutions in banks. It can be customized to meet the specialized needs of the organization. It has an API for other systems to utilize and access/update customer data.

Key Benifits

CCR is a single point updation of KYC information of customer with hooks to CKYC and KRA 

Single point Collation

Single point of collating financial data across various systems within the Organization to get reverse feed of Customer financial information.

De Duplication checking

No duplication of Customer data in other systems

Streamlined Workflows

Streamline Customer data management workflows

Easy Access

Users have access to plethora of customer information at his fingertip

Utilization Controls

Enforcement of utilization controls, exception setting across Product lines

Alerts for exceptions

Alerts/Emails for exceptions internal and to end Customer

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