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Regulate Cap Monitoring of Equity Investments

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stipulates in Section 19 2(a) of the Banking Regulations Act 1949 that banks and corporations are not allowed to own equity or pledge in any company amounting to more than 30 percent of the paid up share capital of the company or 30 percent of the Bank’s paid up share capital plus reserves, whichever is less.

InvestCap helps you monitor your investments in a parent company and all of its subsidiaries adeptly.

Key Benifits

InvestCap – Keeps a check on your total investment in any company and it’s subsidiaries.

Define stats flexibly

Block limits for trading

Access multiple ISINs

Reconciliate holdings & pledges

Confirm/ reject pledges

Manoeuvre flexible business rules

Frequently Asked Questions

InvestCap is configurable.  A different exposure percentage can be set for different securities.

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