Requirements of signed or encrypted data flows?

If you have any requirements in your enterprise for signed or encrypted data flows, reach out to us and we will help you map your needs into DigiSign.

Secure your instructions with DigiSign

DigiSign is the perfect solution if you are looking to set up secure, signed  data exchange between systems. Functionality such as scheduling of data transfer and authorization workflows, makes it a dependable solution for business applications.DigiSign simplifies inter-party data movement and keeps a clear history for auditing purposes.

DigiSign is commonly used for secure transfer of instruction data between Brokers or Corporates and Depository Participants. Another popular use case is data exchange between CMFS and Debos. DigiSign is fully SEBI compliant.

The core benefits include:

  • Simple menu based user interface with negligible learning time for your users

  • Digitally sign a document / file

  • Optional encryption of  the signed data

Key Modules

Auto-Sign Client

• Signs and encrypts data files at programmable intervals
• Transmits it using FTP or email.

DigiSign server

• Receives data files from multiple DigiSign clients
• Verifies signed data file, decrypts and stores files to preconfigured location.

Secured exchanges

• Secure exchange of instruction data between broker or custodian and depository participant
• Works in compliance with SEBI requirements

Clients Questions

 Yes, DigiSign supports bulk processing of instructions by  digitally signing the instructions. Further processing happens via an integration pipeline to DEBOS.

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