The importance on quality assurance and control cannot be stressed enough in our organization. At KCS, we achieve and maintain the stringent and highest standards of quality across all projects that we undertake. To deliver optimal solutions that add value to the client’s organization and maximize return on investment while requiring minimal support, maintenance and attention – is our GOAL.

Our SQA processes are designed to quantifiably measure and document, system and performance irregularities during every step of execution. The iterative process of testing ensures that architecture, design, and programming defects that creep in during the different phases of development are engaged, analyzed and resolved before the issue is magnified. In additional the comprehensive testing phase employed after development ensures that the system is subjected to adequate regression, integration and performance testing.

At KCS we employ the services of specialized quality assurance and control specialists who form the core & integral part of our teams. They are associated with Project Leaders and developers to cohesively implement stringent testing procedures and quality standards in every solution and by doing so, lend an object view to this particular aspect of the project and ensures that every solution is subjected to the same standards of quality excellence.