Privacy Policy

Kalpataru Computer Services Private Limited (KCS) acknowledges that privacy is sacrosanct especially on the Internet. Hence we have laid down our approach and policies with regards to the methodology of how information so collected / received from you on the Internet is used.

KCS site is open to Visitors from all around the globe, without disclosing any personal information of the visitor, we do not collect any personal information as a mandatory requirement before giving access to our website, and we only aggregate analytical and or statistical data to understand the amount of traffic on our pages and time spent on each page. This information enables us to suitably improve our content based on the data so collected. Only that information which is readily available pertaining to the your / Visitor’s voluntary visits to our website is automatically stored for our data analysis.

In cases where some specific information or downloads pertaining our businesses or products is / are requested by you / Visitors, we ask for information such as name, address, organisation and email addresses which are required to process the request. You The Visitor is are informed of in general as to how the information so collected will be used by KCS (even though there is no obligation to do so). We generally use the information so collected from you to disseminate any other products information from other reputed organisations, which in our opinion, may think would be of interest to the you / Visitor. As regards this usage, it is assumed that deemed consent is given to us at the time of disclosing the information to us initially. Once the Visitor is you are registered online with KCS, the standard method of sending information via cookies would be followed by KCS. To elaborate, Cookies are tiny elements of data which can be sent from the website to browsers, which are stored on the respective hard disks of of the Visitors your hardware / device, and they act as a monitor for us to recognise & know when you have returned to revisit our website. The Visitor You may set his /her your browser to notify him / her yourself when they you receive a cookie. Registering with KCS�?online signifies their unconditional consent to receive such cookies.

Please note that there is no mandatory requirement for you / visitor to share your personal information with us, it is an act done with full knowledge ,consent and free will on part of the person sharing his/her personal information with KCS. KCS is also under no obligation to verify the authenticity of the information so provided and accepts it at face value assuming it to be true and in good faith. Unless you inform in writing to KCS within reasonable time of sharing of the information was due to any other reason or not without your free consent.

Our website may contain links to other sites such as KCS partners, Reference sites and / or affiliates. While we try to link only to sites and insist that our partners and / or affiliates also do maintain our high standards and processes for privacy, we are not in a position to monitor the content or be held responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by any other sites

This Privacy Policy will remain force until notified. KCS reserves the right to change the policy at any time. The revised policy will be immediately displayed on its website on the happening of such an event.

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